Hello, I'm Jimmy Flint. I have been working as an actor in films, television and on stage for 25 years. 

I’ve appeared in a number of well-known and popular films, including LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS , REVOLVER , RISE OF A FOOTSOLDIER , THE KRAYS and EMPIRE STATE . On TV I’ve acted in THE BILL , CASUALTY and KAVANAGH QC with John Thaw, REAL MONEY and in Chekhov’s UNCLE VANYA .

Most of these films are now in distribution all over the world on DVD. 

I first worked on stage at the Half-Moon Theatre in THIRD AND FINAL ROUND and in Steven Berkoff’s BRIGHTON BEACH SCUMBAGS , but more recently I put on my own one-man-show, THE WAPPING ASSASSIN , at Stratford Fringe and then at Wilton’s Music Hall. This was a play about my life growing up in East London and about the night of my British Title Fight. I wrote the play and played all twenty characters. 

The East End is a vital part of my life and experience and I am now working to set up a feature film, THE FIXERS , working with a mixture of professional and non-professional actors. Tony Bowers, from the Peacock Gym in Canning Town, will play Jimmy Woods, a one-time mobster in the film. I’ve written the script for THE FIXERS myself, drawing on real events for a fictional story. It will show parts of East End life that we never normally see onscreen as we follow the two characters of the title going about their business sorting out people’s problems, bringing justice to the streets and earning themselves some dough. One of their jobs takes them to Russia and the film will bring East End and Russian underworld characters together for the climax of the film. I have written the story to put some strong people on the screen. 

THE FIXERS is now looking for investors to get the film into production. 

Director Neil Huxley, is currently editing a documentary about my life as both boxer and actor and this will be completed for distribution soon.